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Homeschooling and the Large Family


Tami Fox is a homeschool mom to six children who range in age from 16 years to infant. She has been homeschooling since 2000. And she will share her tips with you in this session on how to manage homeschooling and a large family. She will also share creative ways to instill a love of life-long learning while managing those little things in life that seem to creep up in your schedule.


A Look at Unit Studies


Tami Fox will share with you how unit studies work in her homeschool. She will show you how you can instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime with simple tips and techniques. She is currently using unit studies to teach her six children who range in age from 16 year to infant.


The “How” of Home Schooling thru High School


Home schooling through high school is: Impossible? No. Challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Most definitely! Are you afraid or apprehensive about beginning or continuing to home school during your child’s high school years? This seminar will address some of the concerns as to what to study, how to determine credits, making a transcript of your child’s work and preparing for college. Having had one child graduate from her home school and another one ready to leave soon, Bobbi plans to share the lessons she has learned in this process of home schooling high school aged children. Samples of transcripts, evaluation forms and course of study suggestions will be included in this presentation.

Hopefully by the end of this seminar you will be encouraged and motivated to home school your child during his/her high school career. A time of questions and answers will be included in the overflow session.


From School to Unschool


Teresa Blalock will share the experiences of her family and three of her four children whom she removed from school to bring them home to unschooling. All different ages and at different stages in life, she will share the joys and stumbling blocks their family encountered as they started on their unschooling journey.



Understanding the Right-Brained Child


Is your child a “late” reader? Does your child not remember their math facts no matter how many times you go over them? Does your child hate to write, or their handwriting is barely legible? Your child may be right-brained and/or a visual-spatial learner. Cindy will discuss characteristics of this learning style and help parents discover their child’s path to learning with joy. Come celebrate the gifts of the right-brained learner while understanding why certain subjects may develop “later”. Cindy will specifically cover reading, math facts, writing, handwriting, and more!


Educate Yourself First

Before you take on the task of educating your children, you must first educate yourself about education. Get started with this seminar, presented by Misty Spinelli, which will explain the different educational philosophies, including: classical, unit studies, traditional, Charlotte Mason, and more. Learn the importance of setting goals, and discovering your child’s learning style.


Portals to Knowledge ( or How chocolate leads to everything in the whole-wide-world)

Do you worry about how learning happens outside of school? Do you wonder what natural learning looks like?
One topic leads to all kinds of learning adventures. If you or your child’s interests seem slightly obscure or bizarre, have no fear. Any and all interests have the ability to help us learn about many, many topics. See the connections all around you and find out where the topic of chocolate can lead (you might be surprised). A delicious journey that has touched on everything from environmentalism to culture, history, cooking and beyond! Choose your portal, it all leads to everything!


Concurrent Enrollment


May Khang from Catawba Valley Community College, will be talking about the purpose and objectives of Concurrent Enrollment for homeschool students. Along with discussing eligibility of students, costs of concurrent enrollment, course eligibility, and enrollment procedures. She will also be glad to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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