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May (pronounced “My”) H. Khang and her family were refugees from Laos. They arrived in the United States in 1978 and lived in Seattle, WA for several years. After her marriage, she and her husband lived in Providence, RI for seven years. In 1989, May and her family moved to Hickory, NC. She and her husband have two sons who have graduated from college and a 13 years old daughter. May earned a Political Science degree from Lenoir-Rhyne College in 1996, and later a Master’s Degree in School Counseling also from Lenoir-Rhyne College in 2005. She is in the process of applying to several universities to pursue her Ph. D. in Education specializing in Community College Leadership. In 1998, May worked as a Court Counselor for the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. In 2005, she then joined the staff of Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC). She works in Student Services as an Admissions Counselor and Recruiter.

Tami Fox is a homeschool mom of six children who range in age from 16 years to 5 months. She has homesschooled since 2000. She uses an eclectic approach to homeschooling. Tami also owns and operates Discount Home School Supplies from her home. She has also written her first ebook, Overcoming Obstacles While Homeschooling. You can contact Tami through her email address at or through her website


Tami Fox




Bobbi Gillette is a homeschooling mom of 20 years to four children and wife of 24 years to Brian. Bobbi earned a B.S. in Mathematics Education from Liberty University. Bobbi’s oldest, Megan, is currently a senior at Western Carolina University and David, Bobbi’s oldest son, is preparing for college now. Sharing her experience in homeschooling during the high school years is a pleasure for her.


Lisa Jillani is the founder and director of PAVE
(People Advocating Vaccine Education), based in Charlotte, NC. PAVE was founded to educate the public on the adverse effects of vaccinations and to provide information on legal exemptions to vaccination. Lisa is the mother of two homeschooled daughters, one who was recently pronounced cured of her vaccine injury.


Lisa Jilliani


Cindy Gaddis


Cindy Gaddis is the mother of seven children, ages 6-20, whom she has been living and learning from through homeschooling over the last fifteen years with her husband Weston. She has been published in Home Education Magazine and Growing Without Schooling. Cindy has been moderating a yahoogroups e-mail list for families homeschooling their children with autism (aut-home-fam) for the past seven years, and another e-mail list starting two years ago for families homeschooling creative right-brained learners (homeschoolingcreatively). Adding on to her strong commitment to homeschooling children with autism, Cindy has become quite passionate about the creative learning style and is a popular speaker at homeschooling conferences on this topic.


Teresa Blalock lives with her husband of 20 years and their four children in Conover, NC. A North Carolina native, she grew up in Catawba County and her children attended public and charter schools until Dec 2002. Since their liberation from school, they have happily unschooled completely. She has always been an “unconventional” parent and been actively involved in her children’s lives and education. Teresa enjoys reading, writing, crafts, camping, and doing family activities, to name a few.


Teresa Blalock


Anna Brown


Anna Brown lives with her two daughters (7 and 9), husband of 14 years and 4 cats in the North Carolina Piedmont. Together they live, learn and love – enjoying the journey. She has a degree in Family and Child Development but has learned the most from her children. She enjoys playing the guitar, singing, making ATCs, and sharing the joys of living consensually.


Ren Allen lives in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Tennessee with four radically unschooled children, a husband that got dragged into the unschooling life before he knew what hit him, an adorable rattie and a slightly neurotic cat. She has been passionately speaking and writing about unschooling for a number of years, all the while ingesting large amounts of tea and truffles. Her children are her greatest “bhodisatvas” whom she considers partners in this journey called life. Believing that all humans are born as creative geniuses she spends much of her time encouraging healing discussions and creative exploration for anyone who has forgotten this truth. In between learning adventures, tea or truffles, you can catch up with her at, or by joining the yahoo groups ImaginationTribe or UnschoolingBasics.


Ren Allen

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